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Ctouch Processor
Fujifilm Plate Processor Solution
9946 GSD Ctouch-Processor


The Latest in Water Wash Flexo Plate Processor Technology Key Features

• Eco-friendly, safe, waterwash technology
• Total plate making time under 40 minutes
• Touchscreen user interface
• Easy to use
• Easy to clean

The C-TOUCH features an easy access clamshell design for the mounting and washing of plates. After being fixed to the top platen, the plate rotates orbitally over a fixed set of brushes.


This back and forth orbital rotation allows for a thorough and clean dot reproduction. The all-in one compact design includes pullout drawers for exposures (including HD), light finishing, and three dryer drawer with temperature control. The versatility of this stationed design produces an average of up to 5.5 plates per hour; with approximate washout times of 10 to 14 minutes. In combination with the Flenex FW plate, the C-TOUCH delivers the fastest plate-making time in the industry, routinely in under 40 minutes.


The C-TOUCH is available in three models based on maximum plate size: 25” x 30”, 30” x 40” and 36” x 48”.

*Extend the bath life of your C -Touch processor and increase efficiency and reduce down time with our new enhanced Auto Replenishment filtration kit option.

GSD Ctouch-Processor

Hassle-Free Ink and
Equipment Compatibility 

See improved results attained with your existing equipment.
The Flenex FW is fully compatible with many analog, digital and hybrid screening technologies, and all common flexo plate imaging systems including ESKO, SCREEN, CRON, and Kodak.

Fujifilm offers a full range of waterwash processing equipment, from small stand-alone units such as the C-Touch, to full in-line systems. So now you can eliminate higher-cost solvent and thermal processors, along with those infamous upcharges on consumables.

Hassle-Free Ink and Equipment Compatibility 

Go Green

One-Two Productivity Punch

We at Fujifilm believe that “sustainable development” of Earth, mankind, and companies in the 21st century is an issue that must be addressed with the highest priority. As a socially  responsible corporation, we actively undertake corporate activities with our environmental values in mind. We strive to be a dedicated steward of the environment and assist our customers and corporate partners in doing the same.

One-Two Productivity

Washout of Flenex FW plates is accomplished using one of our C-Touch or SB series all-in-one processors with mild detergent and warm water. The residual solution can be treated as common wastewater, after removing a small amount of residual particulate. This particulate can normally be treated as common waste with minimal, if any, environmental impact.*

Compare this to the known impact solvents and wicking cloths make on the environment during their life cycle, and you’ll see how Flenex FW provides you and your employees a safer, greener solution. The simplicity of Flenex FW plate processing lets you realize a significant reduction in environmental impact. 


Plus, both the analog and digital versions of Flenex FW can be used with any UV, LED, waterbase, or solvent-based inks. No special SKUs needed. Just clean and get ready for the next job, no matter what ink is required.

One-Two Productivity Punch

Fujifilm’s exclusive water washable chemistry of Flenex FW enables each plate to perform equal to or better on press than any other competitive platemaking option on the market today. The Flenex FW flexo solution further achieves greater productivity with its reduction in plate swell, enhanced plate durability and ease of handling that reduces repeat platemaking and results in longer, more stable print runs.

GSD Ctouch-Processor
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