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Vista-Clear Corr Digital & Analog

CORR  Digital & Analog

Flexographic Printing Plate

When Corrugated substrates have rough or uneven surface conditions Vista-Clear CORR-D Digital and CORR-A Analog plates increase resolution requirements and performance levels on corrugated substrates as well as paper bag, multi wall bag or heavy corrugated board.

Product Features

  • Wide exposure latitude.

  • Uniform plate thickness, proper shore hardness and resilience to ensure printing quality.

  • Deep relief shoulders leading to a fine and clear looking finished plate. Adapted especially well for Asian Characters printing.

  • Short exposure & washing time.

  • Smooth ink coverage.

  • Excellent ink transfer - providing optimum ink densities.

  • High clarity and transparency for easy mounting.

  • Available in Super Soft, Medium Soft & Medium Durometers

Vista-Clear Flexo Plates

Flexo Printing Plate for Universal Use

Decorative Element


  • CORR-D Digital and CORR-A Analog plates are compatible with water and alcohol-based inks and low-level acetate content inks.

  • Store unexposed plates in a room at temperature of 4-32°C and a humidity of 55% RH.

  • After printing, wash and clean the plate with care. Store away from the direct  sunlight and in a cool environment.

Size Corr Digital & Analog
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